About us

We’re an agency made by authentic people, people with charisma and attitude. People that never thought about doing commercials, because that reality was only available for models and actors. But that came to an end! Today, we help brands create real advertising by making authentic people the stars of commercials worldwide.

Our purpose

We want to help build a future where advertising will not make us aspire to be like others, but inspire us to become the best version of ourselves. Advertising made by authentic people, that add us real value, for a more genuine world.

Our values

We believe that each one’s existence has its own purpose, and there is no need to live life by other people standards. We believe that what makes us different is what makes us special, unique, one of a kind. We believe that every single person has a unique spark, which is not something to hide but to light up and set the world on fire.

Our team

Meet the people behind our movement.

  • Fred Canto e Castro
    founder & ceo
  • Andreia Grancha
    head of clients
  • Marina Muñoz Fortuny
    barcelona manager
  • Guilherme Heneni
    head of communication
  • Luis Medeiros
    head of experience
  • Madalena Frischknecht
    lisbon booker
  • A. Lucas
    lisbon booker
  • Clara Tur
    bcn booker
  • Teresa Cerdeira
    experience manager
  • Diana Morena Balaguer
    bcn acquisition manager

Our story

Sonder was born at the end of 2014 at Fred’s, our Founder and CEO, bedroom in Lisbon, Portugal. After the first hundreds of sonders being received at Fred’s dad’s house, we moved to Lx Factory, a creative hub in Lisbon, where we still are today.

In 2015, we did our first big campaigns for brands like H&M where we had 6 sonders shooting alongside David Beckham, and Coca-Cola, in which we were the first Portuguese agency having a drag queen in a commercial, proving at that time that the sky was the limit for our mission.

Two years later, Sonder opened doors in Oporto and became the market leader in Portugal, surpassing industry giants with 30 years of existence.

In the beginning of 2018, we decided to take the first step towards internationalization and bring our values and beliefs to another city, a city full of incredible and talented people, Barcelona.

Today, we’re proud to say that we’re changing the advertising world by having put more than 1.000 sonders shooting more than 500 commercials for more than 30 countries.

And do you know what’s the best part? That this is just the beginning! Our mission doesn’t stop in Lisbon, Oporto, or in Barcelona. Our mission is worldwide. We count on you to join our movement and spread the message!